In the dense Paraguayan jungle of 1896, a three year-old girl survives the massacre of her Aché family by white settlers. The captive girl is baptized Damiana and becomes an object of scientific interest. Her body is photographed and measured as part of racial studies conducted by Argentine and German anthropologists, and this continues even after her untimely death at the age of 14. One hundred years later Damiana’s people, the Aché, recover her remains, scattered between Argentina’s La Plata Museum and a hospital in Berlin. They give her a traditional burial in their ancestral homeland. For the Aché people of today, Damiana Kryygy has become the embodiment of hope and a symbol of unity in the struggle to recover their lands.


Alejandro Fernández Mouján
Alejandro Fernández Mouján

Alejandro Fernández Mouján was born in 1952 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He began his career in the lm industry in 1980 in the department of photography. In 1989 he produced and directed his rst documentary: Banderas de Humo. In 2001 he founded the company Océano Films along with director Pablo Reyero. He has directed over 10 feature films and tv series.


2015. Damiana Kryygi. Largometraje.

2010. Huellas de un siglo. TV series.

2009. Los resistentes. Largometraje.

2007. Pulqui, un instante en la patria de la felicidad. Largometraje.

2005. Espejo para cuando me pruebe el smoking. Largometraje.

2004. Las palmas: Chaco. Largometraje.

1999. Caminos del Chaco. Largometraje.



Directed by Alejandro Fernández Mouján
Produced byAlejandro Fernández Mouján y Gema Juárez Allen
InvestigationAlejandro Fernández Mouján y Susana Margulies
Photography DirectionDiego Mendizábal
Sound DirectionGaspar Scheuer
MountingValeria Racioppi
Production HeadquartersGabriela Cueto y Mayra Bottero
SoundAbel Tortorelli
MusicSami Buccella
Direction AssistantLisa Häfner
Assistant CameraBruno Carbonetto
Production AssistantBárbara Idabour
Additional MountingAlejandra Almirón


  • SVA Film & Media Festival. USA (2015)
  • Al Jazeera Documentary Film Festival. Qatar (2015)
  • Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano. Cuba (2015)
  • Atlantidoc. Uruguay (2015)
  • HotDocs. Canada (2016)
  • FICG Guadalajara. Mexico (2016)
  • Cinélatino Rencontres de Toulouse. France (2016)
  • Biarritz Film Festival. France (2016)
  • FILMAR en Latinoamérica. Suitzerland (2016)
  • Margaret Mead Film Festival. USA (2016)
  • BIFF Bergen Film Festival. Norway (2016)
  • Festival de Cine de San Cristóbal de las Casas. Mexico (2017)
  • RAI Film Festival. United Kingdom (2017)
  • Mostra Ecofalante de Cinema Ambiental. Brazil (2017)