Why do you want to do porn? “They ask Lalo at the casting. “Because I love to fake pleasure.”

Lalo is a little over thirty years old but still living with his parents. No one in his family knows he is gay or that he is in his first movie as a porn actor.

How does your own pleasure become a show?

If a porn actor returns to show his sexuality, where is the real pleasure?

Manuel Abramovich

Manuel Abramovich is a filmmaker and cinematographer. He directed the films Años Luz (Light Years, 2017), Soldado (2017), La Reina (The Queen, 2013), Las Luces (The Lights, 2014), Solar (2016), Soldado (Soldier, 2017) and Años Luz (Light Years, 2017). His films have been shown at central festivals (Berlinale, Venice, MoMA, IDFA, Tribeca, San Sebastián, Documenta Madrid, Los Angeles, BAFICI, Karlovy Vary) and have received numerous awards.


2017. Años luz. (72′, Full-length film)

2017. Soldado. (70′, Full-length film)

2016. Solar. (73′, Full-length film)

2014. Las luces. (6′, Short film)

2013. La reina. (19′, Short film)


DIRECTED BY Manuel Abramovich
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Gema Juárez Allen, Alejandra Grinschpun
SCRIPT Manuel Abramovich