El Ojo De Tiburon

Alejo Hoijman y El Ojo del Tiburón han recibido el Latin America Media Arts Fund, otorgado por el Tribeca Film Institute.

El 21 de Abril, el TFI anunció los ganadores del TFI Latin America Media Arts Fund y del Heineken VOCES grant durante la celebración que tuvo lugar en el marco del Tribeca Film Festival.

Ambos fondos apoyan a cineastas innovadores de Latinoamérica en su búsqueda y exploraración de historias que reflejan las diversidad cultural, al mismo tiempo que reciben exposición de la industria cinematográfica.

Han resultado ganadores este año del TFI Latin America Media Arts Fund:

 •    City of the Caesars (Chile), Directed & Produced by Francisco Hervé, Edited by Andrea Chignoli — Two conspiracy theories. Two ordinary men. Wisdom, immortality and natural resources are at stake in a mythical place somewhere in Patagonia.
•    Cuando los Muertos Estan Mas Secos/When the Dead Are Drier (Bolivia), Directed & Produced by Claudio Araya Silva and Produced by Yara Morales Rivera — In the eighties, more than 50 women committed suicide in a small peasant community. Hermenegildo and Pedro return to their community, attempting to retrace the paths of memory regarding the deaths of their wives. The trip aims to unravel the mystery surrounding the life and death of these women.
•    Elena (Brazil), Directed & Produced by Ana Petra Costa – The film recounts the journey of Petra, a young Brazilian woman who dreams of becoming an actress but is warned not to do so by her mother. Against these admonitions, Petra moves to New York City where the reasons why she was advised against this path begin to unfold.
•    The Shark’s Eye (Argentina), Directed by Alejo Hoijman and Produced by Gema Juarez Allen — Summer is coming to Nicaragua and Maycol and Bryan will start to learn their families’ trade, shark hunting. In a place where traditional trades disappear in favor of drug trafficking, these two boys choose their future. A coming of age film set in the forgotten Caribbean coast of Nicaragua.