A Cuban female skeet shooter, with supernatural marksmanship, regrets that she will soon have a child on the isolated farm where she lives. After a tornado carries her away to a touristy small island, where an admirer of her talent offers her a luxury life, she learns that there’s no place like home.

Marcos Diaz Sosa

Marcos Diaz Sosa (Santa Clara, 1988) is a Cuban film director who comes from the theatre. In spite of his short career in filmmaking, at the age of 17, he directed “Fractal”, a 60 min documentary awarded at the 5th Muestra Joven, Cuba. He studied screenwriting at the EICTV Cuba and Playwriting at the Higher Institute of Arts in Havana. He recently completed the short “Natural Phenomena”, 15 min (selected by the FICG 32 Iberoamerican Competition).


  1. Fractal. Largometraje.


DIRECTED BY Marcos Diaz Sosa
PRODUCED BY Buenaventura Producciones, María Clara del Río y Gema Films
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Maria Carla del Rio, Sandino Saravia Bina y Gema Juárez Allen
SCRIPT DEVELOPED AT Sundance Screenwriters Lab 2017.
SUPPORTED BY Programa Ibermedia, Tribeca Film Institute y World Cinema Amsterdam Go Cuba!
INVITED TO PARTICIPATE AT Berlinale Coproduction Market 2017, La Fabrique des Cinémas du Monde Cannes 2017, Guadalajara Coproduction Meetings 2017 y Sørfond Pitching Forum 2016.