Over several days and nights, an actor and an actress read the correspondence between Torcuato and Kamala, the film director’s parents, he from Argentina, and she from India. The letters, encompassing the decades from the 50s to the 70s, refer to love and idealism, record world travels, talk about socialism and psychoanalysis, about pain and broken dreams. Their reading reveals a relationship between the actors, with similarities and differences. Meanwhile, with his own daughter, the director sets about solving the puzzle of the family memory, an intimate twentieth-century tale.


Andrés Di Tella

Andrés Di Tella is a filmmaker based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His feature documentaries include “Montoneros, una historia” (1995), “Prohibido” (1997), “La television y yo” (2003), “Fotografías” (2007) and “El país del diablo” (2008), “Hachazos” (2011), “¡Volveremos a las montañas!” (2012). His shorts include the award-winning “Reconstruyen crimen de la modelo” (1990). He also created the Buenos Aires International Festival for Independent Cinema, which he directed in its first editions (1999 and 2000). He is currently director of the Princeton Documentary Festival at Princeton University, where he has also been visiting professor. He is a recipient of the JS Guggenheim Fellowship. Cine Documental en América Latina, edited by Paulo Antonio Paranaguá, places him among the 15 most significant documentary filmmakers in Latin America. Retrospectives of his work have been held at the Filmoteca de Catalunya (Barcelona), Filmoteca Española (Madrid), Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales (Montevideo), E tudo verdade (Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia), Festival dei Popoli (Florence), Festival de Lima.


YEAR / DURATION 2019 / 78'
WITHDenise Groesman, Julian Larquier Tellarini, Edgardo Cozarinsky, Andres Di Tella, Lola Di Tella
PRODUCED BY Gema Juárez Allen, Alejandra Grinschpun
DOPJuan Renau
EDITING Valeria Racioppi
SOUND DESIGNGuido Berenblum
MUSIC BYSami Buccella


  • Festival Transcinema de Lima (opening film)
  • Festival de San Sebastián / Zabaltegi-Tabakalera
  • Mar del Plata IFF / Latin American Feature Film
  • IDFA / Masters
  • Ambulante
  • It’s All True
  • Neighboring Scenes, Film at Lincoln Center



2015. 327 Cuadernos. (76′, Largometraje)

2013. Máquina de sueños. (60′, Largometraje)

2012. ¡Volveremos a las montañas!. (55′, Largometraje.)

2011. Hachazos. (85′, Largometraje)

2007. Fotografías. (110′, Largometraje)

2002. La T.V. y yo. (85′, Largometraje)

2001. Historias de Argentina en vivo. (120′, Largometraje)

1998. Montoneros, una historia. (90′, Largometraje)

1997. Prohibido. (107′, Largometraje)

1985. Hay unos tipos abajo. (92′, Largometraje)