Felipe Guerrero's new film was awarded by Hubert Bals Fund with a postproduction grant in the Fall 2011 selection.

The selection committee of Hubert Bals Fund selected Felipe Guerrero’s project to received finishing funds. The film, a Colombia, Argentina and France coproduction is currently being postproduced in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Six films receiving HBF postproduction grants are expected to premiere at the 2012 International Film Festival Rotterdam. The only one onfirmed to screen is Colombian filmmaker Felipe Guerrero’s non-fiction film CORTA (CUT). As reflected in the film’s title, Guerrero’s affinity with the working rhythm of sugar cane cutters in his native region is mirrored in the practice of 16 mm filmmaking. In 2007, IFFR screened Guerrero’s medium length feature film PARAÍSO (PARADISE), an intimate portrait of modern Colombian life and its historical memory.