Gema Juárez Allen was one of the 5 international producers selected to participate in EURODOC, a training program directed by Thierry Garrel, Erkki Astala, Jacques Bidou & Heino Deckert.

24 producers and 13 commissioning editors were selected to participate of the new edition of EURODOC. 
MEDIA INTERNATIONAL supported the participation of five international participants

Gema  Juárez Allen (Argentina)
Jennifer Walton (Chile)
Mibn Chul Kim (Corea del Sur)
Dalia Al-Kury (Jordania)
Habib Attia (Tunisia)

SESSION 1 : Development – 7 days
 – March
The first session focuses on analyzing the projects of the participants, in terms of script development and team constitution, in order to consolidate the global coherence of each project. 
This group work is followed by individual meetings with experts, that are specifically intended for developing the texts and the production strategy. The directors are invited to participate in these meetings.
The plenary assemblies are dealing with issues such as intellectual property, acquisition of rights and development funding sources. 


SESSION 2 : Budgeting, Financing & Packaging – 7 days – June

Budgeting, which defines the artistic ambitions of the project and its production mode.
The packaging, the preparation of the dossier in terms of its creative, technical, legal and
financial aspects.
The financing, the strategic phase for identifying from among extremely diverse partners those capable coming together to co-finance, under multiple forms, the project nationally and internationally.
The co-production : This search must lead to reaching different agreements and contracts that are compatible with one another.
pitching consultant comes to prepare the future meetings with the partners in the last
session (presentation, summary and precision are put to the test).
A plenary session is dedicated to the production of trailers that have become indispensable for the promotion of projects.
At the occasion of case studies, examples of productions already completed are deeply examined.


SESSION 3 : Meetings with the Commissioning editors – 7 days – September

The third session is principally dedicated to meeting future partners. These decision-makers after having become acquainted with the projects, meet every producer in one-to-one meetings.
These pitching sessions will be the object of intense preparation during the first two days of the session.
The plenary sessions focus on company management, specialized banks, and the situation of the international documentary market.
All the decision-makers invited present the editorial lines and the financial capacities of their units.
The last day provides an opportunity to organise a Screening.
Three case studies of films developed in previous EURODOC training sessions, the concrete results of co-productions, are programmed in the presence of the producers and of the principal funding partners. 
The session concludes with a debate on the changes in the documentary market, theatrical distribution, new modes of consumption and emerging markets.

More information in  Eurodoc.