teatro de guerra

★★★ The film by Lola Arias was honored with the CICAE Art Cinema Award and the Ecumenical Jury Award at the last Berlinale. ★★★

TEATRO DE GUERRA received two prizes at the award presentation of the Independent Juries at the 68th Berlin International Film Festival: the CICAE Art Cinema Award, the prize of the International Confederation of Art House Cinemas, and the Ecumenical Jury Award.

Extract from the jury statement of CICAE: “Faithful to the philosophy and ethics of Berlinale Forum, while blurring the boundaries between fiction and documentary, “Gesamtkunstwerk” and film, TEATRO DE GUERRA is a brave attempt to negotiate late 20th century postcolonial conflict, The Falklands/Malvinas War, and its painful implications. We would like to highlight TEATRO DE GUERRA ‘s potential to engage diverse international audiences through its analytical and emotional form.”

The complete award list is available here.