This is the diary of an extended trip across the Pampas, on the trail of Guillermo Enrique Hudson, aka William Henry Hudson. An enigmatic figure, full of paradoxes. He was an Argentine gaucho who became an English writer. He fought in the army against the “savages” but also defended them. He wrote obsessively about his native land, but never returned. In the twists and turns of the road, emerges a mix of documentary speculation, Argentine history, personal memory… and dreams.

Andrés Di Tella

Andrés Di Tella is a filmmaker, writer and curator from Argentina. He directed Montoneros una historia, La televisión y yo, Fotografías, El país del diablo, Hachazos, 327 cuadernos and Ficción privada, among other films. His latest film, Diarios, includes a live performance and was presented at San Sebastián, BAFICI, Harvard Film Archive, Doc Montevideo and E tudo verdade. He also published two books of nonfiction: Hachazos and Cuadernos. His work includes installations, performances and video-art pieces. He was distinguished with the Guggenheim Fellowship and the Konex de Platino award for best documentary filmmaker of the decade 2010-2020. Retrospectives of his work have been held at Filmoteca Española de Madrid, la Filmoteca de Catalunya de Barcelona, el Festival dei Popoli de Florencia, el Festival de Lima, E Tudo Verdade de Sao Paulo, Tabakalera de San Sebastián, Museo de Artes Visuales de Montevideo, and elsewhere. As curator, he was the founding director of BAFICI and the Princeton Documentary Festival. He has been professor at Princeton and Harvard, where he was a fellow of the Harvard Film Study Center. He currently directs the Film program at the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella. He is a member of the Hollywood Academy.


DIRECTED BYAndrés Di Tella
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Gema Juárez Allen - Clarisa Oliveri - Paola Castillo
DOPDarío Schvarzstein
EDITORValeria Racioppi
COLORDaniel Dávila
SOUND DESINGRoberto Espinoza


San Sebastian IFF (World Premiere)


Montoneros, una historia (1995)

Macedonio Fernández (1995)

Prohibido (1997)

La televisión y yo (2002)

Fotografías (2007)

El país del diablo (2008)

Hachazos (2011) 

¡Volveremos a las montañas! (2012)

Máquina de sueños (2013)

El ojo en el cielo (2013)

327 cuadernos (2015) 

Ficción privada (2020)