This is the cinematic diary of an extended trip through the landscapes of the pampas, tracking the footsteps of the enigmatic figure of William Henry Hudson, aka Guillermo Enrique Hudson. Hudson was an Argentine gaucho in the 19th century, who left his native pampas to become a celebrated English writer and naturalist. He wrote obsessively about his homeland but never returned. A series of encounters with eccentric local personalities allows us to explore the psychogeography of a territory steeped in symbolism.

Andrés Di Tella

He was born in Santiago de Chile in 1958 and is the director of eleven films. He was the founder and first director of the Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival (BAFICI), created in 1999 and considered one of the most important film events in Latin America. From 2002 to 2013, he directed the Princeton Documentary Festival, at Princeton University, United States, where he has been Visiting Professor. He has also taught at the Master of Journalism at the University of San Andrés / Clarín, at the Rector Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center of the University of Buenos Aires and at the Carolina Foundation in Madrid. From 2000 to 2009 he directed the Latin American Cinematographic Projects Workshop, organized by the TYPA Foundation together with several international foundations, where many of the new figures of cinema in the region were trained. He studied Literature and Modern Languages ​​at Oxford University, for which he received the Bachelor of Arts with honors.


DIRECTED BYAndrés Di Tella
CO-PRODUCED BYErrante Producciones
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Gema Juárez Allen - Clarisa Oliveri - Paola Castillo
DOPDarío Schvarzstein
EDITORValeria Racioppi


Montoneros, una historia (1995)

Macedonio Fernández (1995)

Prohibido (1997)

La televisión y yo (2002)

Fotografías (2007)

El país del diablo (2008)

Hachazos (2011) 

¡Volveremos a las montañas! (2012)

Máquina de sueños (2013)

El ojo en el cielo (2013)

327 cuadernos (2015) 

Ficción privada (2020)